Aftercare for your Monofibre

Caring for your new Monofibre Hair is really low maintenance.


Brush your Monofibre hair using a soft bristle brush.  This will glide through your hair keeping it soft and tangle free.  A daily conditioning mist spray can be sprayed onto your Monofibre before brushing.


Wash your Monofibre hair 3 days after it is first fitted.  This will give the attachments time to settle.  Use a good quality shampoo with warm water and gently massage into the scalp.  Rinse thoroughy and apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends only, avoiding the scalp and roots.  Rinse out the conditioner and dry.


Dry your hair with a towel to remove excess water.  Gently squeeze dry.


Blow dry with a cool to medium hair dryer.  Do not use hot setting as this will damage the Monofibre hair.  Spray with a daily mist spray and dry all over the head to remove moisture.  Once you have rough dryed your hair you may begin to section a couple of rows at  time to blow dry to make drying easier.


You may also leave hair to dry naturally. Spray with daily mist spray and comb through with wide toothed comb.


Styling your hair is simple.

You can use a hair dryer to blow dry as normal for a sleek, soft finish.  Section off 2-3 rows at a time and blow dry each section.  


Heated rollers can be used for added curls and waves.  Check the rollers are not too hot, this can vary on each brand of rollers.  You may need to let them cool a little if you are unsure.


Hot brush can be used with a spinning brush.  Make sure if it has a heat setting to use low-medium heat.


Straighteners can be used on a low heat setting.  Only use heat 125degrees and below.  


Do NOT use GHD's as these are much too hot and will burn the monofibre.  If all heat appliances are kept to a low heat setting then the Monofibre hair will be fine.


Always tie back hair when going to bed.  You can also plait the hair.  Never go to bed with wet hair.


Monofibre hair is a good choice on holiday as the hair will not fade in the sun and sea and you can also swim in pools with no damage to the hair. 







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