Naked Weave


We are proud to be a Naked Weave Certified Technican!


The Naked Weave application is an innovative technique of applying weft hair extensions.  The Naked Weave uses no heat, no glue, no braids and most importantly, no visible connections.


Q & A Naked Weave


How is it different to the weave i already have?

Naked Weaves are loved by many celebrities as the application is seamless and effortless! There are no visible connections, making it virtually impossible to tell that you are even wearing a weave.


The application is an innovative process and is not like any other application technique.


How long does a Naked Weave last?

A Naked Weave needs to be re-fitted every 8-10 weeks. Depending on which brand of hair you have chosen, and aftercare, the hair can be re-used. Always use the hair brands aftercare to maintain its longevity.


How many rows does a Naked Weave consist of?

A Naked Weave is around 2-3 rows of hair. This will depend on the your required thickness. You can also just have 1 row for volume/thickness.


How much does a Naked Weave cost?

The cost depends on the hair brand/quality. Cost also depends on the weight/thickness you desire, length of hair and colour, mixed colour/balayage.  All of these options are discussed at your consultation.



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